Women’s Waterfowl Hunt

The 2017 Women’s Hunt with Claybird Outfitters was TRULY one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Women came from all over the nation; Mississippi, Georgia, California, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and southern Arkansas! We all arrived in Peach Orchard, Arkansas not knowing anyone and it was so awesome to get to know each other.

And what better way to get to know people than to sit in a blind together all day!?

Don Farmer, owner of Claybird Outfitters, is such a nice guy and made us feel so welcomed and was so much fun to be around!

Back at the lodge, we enjoyed some seriously delicious food prepared by Chef Cody Likes on his Fire Disc which was SO cool to watch.

Chef Cody Likes cooking on his FireDisc

We didn’t get as many birds working as we had hoped for while hunting, but that’s nature for ya…and really for me, hunting is all about the SMILES not the PILES anyway! We definitely got our limits in laughter.

If you’re one of those girls who usually hunts with the boys, I encourage you to attend a women’s hunt! It’s so refreshing meeting women who are just like you and I would love to see the day where a group of women hunting is a normal sight to see out on the refuges and in the woods!

We all arrived as complete strangers…and left as FRIENDS! ❤

You can watch it all for yourselves on the pursuit channel with If It Flies TV with Marty Fischer and see EmilyCarlee JoSamantha JoBritaniKariSarah and Lisa in action!

A special thank you to Marty FischerJames Jean for filming & Kody Van Pelt – KVP Photography for capturing these wonderful memories!

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