Wild Turkey Trivia

Here are 10 fun facts about wild turkeys that you can share with your friends and family!

1. A group of turkeys

Is actually called a “rafter” although they are commonly referred to as a “flock.”

2. Number 2, literally.

As in, turkey poop. Toms produce spiral-shaped droppings, and hens produce droppings in the shape of the letter “J.”

3. Turkey meat makes you sleepy.

Turkey meat actually has the same amount of tryptophan as most other meats. So if you’re feeling extra exhausted after Thanksgiving, it’s probably the wine!

4. Turkeys can fly!

Yes turkeys can fly and they can even reach up to 55 mph! Talk about fast food!

5. Turkeys are omnivores.

They are opportunistic feeders and will feed on lizards, berries, seeds, and bugs.

6. Talk turkey to me!

Turkeys can make around 20 distinct vocalizations, including the distinctive gobble that can be heard from a mile away!

7. Turkeys were almost extinct.

Turkeys were nearly extinct in the 1930’s. But today, there are more than 7 million wild turkeys.

Thank you NWTF! 🙌

8. Turkeys are ultra feathery.

There are around 5,500 feathers on an adult wild turkey, which typically includes 18 tail feathers that make up the fan.

9. There are 5 different types of turkeys.

There are five subspecies of wild turkeys: Osceola, Eastern, Rio Grande, Merriam’s, and Gould’s.

10. The average life span

Of a turkey is 3-5 years old and the oldest known wild turkey lived to be at least 13 years old.

*Bonus Fact*

The turkey almost beat out the bald eagle!

Because turkeys are native and a prideful bird with a very protective nature, the wild turkey was Benjamin Franklin’s choice for the national bird. The bald eagle seemed less honorable because they can be scavengers and will rob other animals of their food.

Happy Thanksgiving Ya’ll!

Have you bagged a wild turkey?

Post your harvest in the comments on our Facebook page!

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