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Women’s Waterfowl Hunt Oklahoma

Join us as we head to Oklahoma for a 3-day guided waterfowl hunt! Location: Oklahoma City, OK Outfitter: Goose Reapers Guided Outdoors Dates: December 14th-16th (Arrive the 13th, hunt the 14th, 15th, and 16th, depart the 16th) Cost: $900 per lady *SPACE IS LIMITED*… Continue Reading “Women’s Waterfowl Hunt Oklahoma”

6 Myths About Eating Wild Game

Venison, rabbit, elk and even squirrel. Americans have a long history of dining on wild game since the first humans crossed the land bridge into Alaska. But just like any long-held tradition, plenty of myths have evolved that might make modern people hesitate to cherish those recipes passed down through the years.

Don’t Throwout Your Turkey Feathers!

Turkey hunting is an exciting challenge for many hunters. A successful hunt leads to wonderful dishes that can extend to several meals. Don’t miss out on additional ways to enjoy your harvest by creating ways to utilize your spring turkey feathers! From interior design… Continue Reading “Don’t Throwout Your Turkey Feathers!”

Five Amazing Hunting Dog Breeds

Hunters and their dogs have an amazing bond. When in action, they partner together in a smooth and seamless dance. Each one reading the motions of the other to function smoothly. Watching a dog perform the work that he was bred specifically to do,… Continue Reading “Five Amazing Hunting Dog Breeds”

A Women’s Guide to Bowfishing

The exhilaration of bowfishing is unforgettable: hearing the snap of your string, the whirl and splash of the arrow, and your involuntary cheers when reeling in your fish. If you’re looking to start regularly bowfishing, here’s some useful tips: Watch a few videos You’ve… Continue Reading “A Women’s Guide to Bowfishing”